Apartments of the Rich and Famous

When people think of apartments, they don’t think of luxury. They think of dingy rat motels with strained carpet and shady characters knocking on their doors at all times of the night. They feel dangerous and dirty. The perception is that their walls are swimming with cockroaches and bed bugs. People think they offer a subpar lifestyle. It’s hard to imagine living a place like Manhattan or Chicago where most what there is to offer is Apartments. People tend to forget that these cities are close to the richest on the planet. The rich and famous work there because the money and industry are there. They aren’t going to stay in a tiny cockroach-infested studios with disgusting carpet and cavern like rooms. They want opulence and luxury that is well beyond that of the common man. They put up a fight to get the very best. Even with apartments they do get it in a very big way. Don’t write off the apartments for rent anywhere. Just because the poor seem to prefer them doesn’t mean the rich don’t get every single they have to have out of them.

The amenities in luxury apartments for rent are unheard of. You will think you were sitting on the Titanic or some palatial estate in Europe. All decoration styles and luxury materials go into them. You can get massive Greek columns bigger than those found in any mansion. You’re liable to find an elevator and spiral staircases. Space is massive. One apartment in New York sold for 100 million, and it had nine bathrooms and six bedrooms. It was done up in the Versailles style of decorating. The marble floors there were stunning

Before you would get into an apartment, your landlord will put you through strict checks and makes things difficult by calling up your references and others things like legal documentation needs to be done. May even call you boss to find out more about you and hence it is a tough job. Also landlords check your credit just to be sure that you can pay the rent or not and do you have a good history with loans and rent payments or have you defaulted before and this is a serious consideration in getting the apartments on rent and hence you need to maintain your credit good in order to avoid any such problems and it will create lots of issue for you and you could end up with a major problem. But the process is not as tough as it was a few years back, and hence more people are getting into rented apartments. As buying one is not easy and acne it is important for one and all to keep this in mind and with rent things are flexible you can always move down to a lower paying rent apartment if you are going through tough times and that could really make a difference but it is not the same with the apartment you buy.